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The lens of gratitude

"Yes, I'm happy."

"Yes, I have been grateful for my life, to be where I'm at."

Crazy how it's such a simple thought yet so rare to come across.

In our day-to-day struggles, perhaps we are all driven to get what we don't yet have, to be who we aren't yet be...

...we're going around chasing that slightly-better thing, yet we forget to just take a brief moment to appreciate the things that we already have, to be content with the person we already are.

I think that gratitude is like a lens, or perhaps a filter, through which you see the beauty of life. Yes, try it on!

Just name a couple of things that you are grateful for, and observe how you feel.

When you choose to see life that way, life sparkles with meaning.

Not only that, but you get the sense of appreciation for "all the things that are", a deep connection to all the beauty, complexity, and mystery that life manifests upon, around, and within us.

You recognize and be thankful for the sacrifice of all your loved ones, and perhaps of equal importance - of your own. Perhaps a gentle hug to yourself is what your soul desires.

And I'd like to say "thanks".

Thanks to all that I have. Thanks to all that I be.

And thanks to all the kind souls who stroll along my journey.

Cosmic Writer


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